Photo Usage (the fine print)

Let’s get the formalities out of the way first:

All photos are Copyright Jason Orth. Usage of photos is governed by the appropriate licensing rights, granted expressly by Jason Orth photography. Unauthorized copying, re-posting or other distribution is expressly forbidden under all terms of US Copyright Law, Title 17, US Code.

I hate doing that, and I hate going here, but I need to:

Photographers pay lots of money and invest time in their gear and their craft. Many of us who shoot short tracks aren’t expecting to become millionaires, most expect enough to break even or support their habit hobby. A few make enough for a part-time income. And, just like you don’t race for free, or giveaway free product, they don’t want to be taken advantage of either. Cameras, lenses (and the beating they take), printing, computers, internet, software, gas to/from the track, pit fees, etc. all cost money, and thus the images produced have value.

Prices are reasonable and tailored to meet your needs, be it web/social media images or hi-res printable files. Costs are much less than the box of t-shirts or a small part of the total cost of the hero cards you’re having printed. Most short-track photography is priced FAR below other forms of commercial or fine-art photography. If you don’t feel like paying, fine. If someone will do it for free, feel free to contact them – I don’t have an ego to feed, no hard feelings. I also don’t accept payment in forms of “exposure”, stuff I don’t want or need, or things like link exchanges. All working for free “for exposure” gets you is being exposed as someone who works for free. I know this from experience.

Talk to me, if you have custom needs, we can work something out. But please don’t steal. Thieves get DMCA notices filed on their websites, take-down notices issued, accounts suspended, etc.

In short – if you want something, just ask!